Where Art meets Science to save the World!

 When art meets science something unexpected happens.

Parasol Modular is a collection of artful building products designed to be used by every day makers.

Conceived with a child’s imagination and detailed with an architect’s expertise, Parasol Modular is an artful approach to modular building products. Our goal is to develop products that spark the imagination we all felt as children when we began to create. Often the products we design are inspired by children’s toys.

The art.

As architects, artists and product designers we are always striving to create a world that is visually interesting. Parasol Modular finds building products that are visually disappointing and with a little effort and hopefully little expense, we create something more beautiful. When we find something we brainstorm, research, draw, model, experiment but most of all we play. If the process isn’t fun, the product isn’t fun and nothing is learned.

The science.

The parasol, which dates back to ancient Egypt, was first used as protection against the scorching heat of the sun; its name comes from “para” meaning to stop or shield and “sol” meaning sun. The first Parasol Modular product we developed were plastic solar panels made with luminescent solar concentrator dyes. The resulting structures integrate colorful photovoltaic panels into a modular building system. This alternative to stagnant solar arrays allows owners to enjoy the beauty of filtered sunlight as well as gain the benefits of harnessing the sun’s energy. Additional products that are being developed are based on the study of carbon fiber, wood, metal and paint technologies.