Porsche 911 Design Competition

The Science and Art of the Porsche 911.

Co. Design Porsche 911 Design Competition

The design of the Porsche 911 is timeless and it has been so for 5 decades because of the integral relationship between the science and art of its design.

I concentrated on the body of the Porsche 911 for my design inspiration. Some of the words that describe the body include lightweight, precise, sporty, engineered, panelized, colorful, compact, efficient, aerodynamic, and ventilated. With these adjectives in mind, I created a building system of panels that reflect the unique Porsche 911 attributes. The building panels can be fit together to make an open-air carport specifically for housing a Porsche 911. When standing in the carport you will be surrounded by and experience the inherent beauty of the science and art of the Porsche 911.

Design Details:

1. Paint– One unique feature of the Porsche 911 are the vibrant and sporting color schemes. I will include 1970’s factory color combinations involving colors such as Jade Green, Tangerine, Light Yellow, Signal Red and Black.

2. Graphics– Often Porsche 911s included side or rear decals that were colored coded to match the car. I will apply the famous Porsche typeface onto the panels in an artful and abstract way.

3. Materials– Some of the materials that are used to make a Porsche 911 body include galvanized steel, zinc coatings, plastics and polycarbonates. The carport panels are made from these materials and machined so that they snap together with the same precise engineering that encompasses the Porsche 911.




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