Shape Shifter Shelter

Transforming Trooper Tent

Free Form Folding Fort

Designed by an architect this tent is meant to ignite the imagination of children and adults alike. Constructed with individual hexagon corrugated panels approximately 30″ wide with plastic snaps.

Based on a Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome and visualized through a kaleidoscope these tents are formed from corrugated paper or corrugated plastic. Easily assembled by children and adults, it can be set up in infinite configurations and sizes.

7 Panel Configuration

Lightweight, transportable and easily recycled these tents can be either translucent or opaque. Regardless of the climate they can be used inside or outside.

19 Panel Configuration

Many different black, grey and white graphic backgrounds available with people, places and things and bright colorful stickers to be added by owner. See graphic artist Alvoratega’s video for a sense of what is possible. Some of the themes might include Michelangelo Sistine Chapel ceiling frescos, Native American mythology, Modern Art, Star Wars or Pop Culture.

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