James Bond House


What architectural style suits James Bond better than Brutalism?

“You can’t put a brutalist building in a gold lame party dress: raw concrete is raw concrete. It’s down-to-earth, honest, unpretentious, egalitarian, and creates buildings rooted in place” – from an article titled “Concrete jungle: why brutalist architecture is back in style” by Felix Salmon

The words are Movement, Light/ Shadow, and Mystery. 

The materials are concrete, steel and glass.

The parti is 007.

See a video of the house walk through below link:


This spec house is for sale with land in Minneapolis


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007 Floor Plan Parti
East Elevation from the Street
Bedroom Window Louvers

Dining Room and Kitchen

Classic Round Skylight

With some help from a friend of mine who is knowledgable in all things tech., I have compiled a list of extras for the owner to choose from. Extra Features of the James House could include:

  • Round Glass Oculi or another window could have a water feature
  • Dumb Waiter connecting the theater to the kitchen to the master bedroom
  • Glass Floor somewhere in the house to add tension
  • “Q Room” which would be the master control room of the house to include large tv monitors with clocks times from around the world, a large video screen showing nuclear missile locations, house security cameras, personal car location tracking, one way mirror to garage lair, home computer monitoring system, yard motion detectors and home defense system.
  • Custom modern built in furniture in the living room –  very appropriate for a James Bond House and set designs
  • Hidden bedroom bar/ wine cellar
  • Rotating and vibrating bed

  • James Bond styled Yacht from Bugatti
Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 11.34.36 AM.png
  • Safe for gold bars, passports and world currencies
  • Weapons closet
  • An Aston Martin for the garage
  • Master Control Chair
  • Living room inter active poker table synchronized with cell phone to play cards
  • Custom European kitchen cabinets with integral lights , slow close with no pulls
  • Quad Copter drone launching and landing pad on bedroom roof seen through glass Oculi
  • Gyro Copter and landing pad on roof of bedroom.
  • Under ground escape hatch and bunker.
  • Full Mood lighting and stereo sound system every room
  • Bathroom Mirrors with news, weather and daily calendar displays synchronized to cell phone.
  • Custom entry system to screen and spot light guests faces with voice activated automated opening door calling “I have been expecting you please come in Mr. Bond.
  • Robotic cocktail maker in kitchen